Manawatu Ukelele Group MUG

Manawatu Ukulele Group MUG

Adult community ukulele gatherings in Palmerston North, facilitated by musician & educator Jennifer Moss. 

"This is great fun...start with the beginners workshop and then join the's lots of fun and no pressure at all"

MUG Lite offers you a beginner’s workshop for adults (16+)…starting from the very beginning... You will receive guidance into the basics (chords, strumming and techniques to get you started), support and encouragement. 

MUG Pro… for adults (16+). This is a large group of friendly strummers (40+). You will receive practical help with your playing, and experience the joy of playing with many. In these sessions we play a wide range of songs broadening our knowledge of chords, strums & finger picking. There are also regular 'play out' opportunities in the community to add more fun to the mix!

MUG Plus....for adults (16+). Extra tuition & guidance for smaller groups. Running before Mug Pro for 3 sessions a term, you will receive professional guidance from highly experienced players. 

Please see website for dates and more information.



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Manawatu Ukelele Group  MUG
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