Square Edge has two exhibition spaces for visual artists to show their works, either solo or in cooperation with other artists.

There is a small front space, the Community Gallery, and a larger rear space, Imaginary Gallery, more suitable for a greater number of works and group shows.Performance events are also held in the Imaginari Gallery.             gallery 008.jpg

Before setting out the steps artists wishing to exhibit must take, it is important to know that we schedule our exhibitions at least a year in advance.This means that you should start the process well before you anticipate exhibiting.

The steps are:

  • You make contact with Sue Owen, our Arts Coordinator, on 06-3532800, or email: sue@ca.org.nz
  • You fill out a proposal form and return it to us.
  • We consider your proposal, making suggestions on such things as your theme or artists statement. We will then agree to show your works, or a selection, or decline the proposal.
  • We negotiate a suitable time slot when the exhibition will be held.Usually it is for approximately three weeks.
  • We sign an Agreement setting out such things as payment ,installation and openings.
  • When the time comes, we share the excitement of a great exhibition!

Charges are currently $94 for the front gallery and $155 for the rear gallery, covering the whole three weeks. 

Essentially you are hiring the exhibition space, but we reserve the right to stage events within the galleries at any time. We do this in consultation however, and for our mutual benefit.

   docProposal form (0.16MB)

Background art by Robert Emery