Classes & Workshops

Dance & Other Classes

Yoga Classes with Michael Jones.                                                       

Time: Mon & Wed 5.30                                                                    

Where: Evelyn Rawlins Room                                                            

Contact :06-3576195                                                                      

Tango with Paula Harris                                                                     

Time: Sun 2-3                                                                                

Where: Dance Studio                                                                         

Contact : 06-3563462                                                                     

Tap with Carol Millward                                                                    French Lessons with Alliance Francaise

Time: Mon 4-7                                                                                Contact:0212070114

Where: Dance Studio

Contact: 06-3579383                                                                     


Belly Dancing with Anoushka Treur                                                    Tall Poppies Drama Group

Time: Tues 6-8                                                                               Contact: Del Costello

Where: Dance Studio                                                                        0275959707

Contact: 0273798064



From time to time the Arts Recycling Centre runs workshops around events such as the Wearable Art Awards and Lantern Parade for the Festival of Cultures. (See 'Arts Recycling Centre').

We also tailor make workshops or holiday programme modules for schools or programme providers, so if you have the need for a particular creative/environmental workshop, give us a call on 06 3532800 and we can probably help, or know someone who might.

In keeping with our low cost access philosophy, prices per head range between $5 and $10 dollars depending on materials required, duration and location. 



Background art by Made from materials from Arts Recycling Centre by Judith Balchin