Adele DuBarry




My work is influenced by the natural world and that is always in my mind I suppose when I approach a blank canvas or sheet of paper. Often things end up looking like a landscape, or a natural form. It is the feeling of the place – the wind and the rain and the sun, or the feeling of a tree trunk when you touch it that I want to try and capture. 

I was part of the 2020 Whanganui Open Studio. It was the first time I had participated, and it was with some trepidation I opened the studio doors to visitors. It was a great success for many reasons – good conversations about all things arty, praise for my work and plenty of pieces went off to new homes. It is an intense weekend, but well worth it. 

Artist Exchange Program

Square Edge in association with the Palmerston North City Council are delighted to announce our two recipients of the 2021 pilot Artists Exchange Programme.
They are David Traub and Adele DuBarry.
The 2021 Artists Exchange Programme (AEP) offers four selected artists, 2 from the Manawatū Art Trail and 2 from Whanganui Open Studios an opportunity to connect with locals and promote their own region and artwork.
The scheme is an exciting opportunity for cross regional pollination of ideas and approaches.
Each artist will:
• Participate as a guest artist on one full day of their neighbour regions trail/open studios
• Receive a stipend. This will cover the artists time, travel, and an allocated space.
• Offer guidance and support to other artists at this event
• Have an opportunity to promote their own regional art trail, and sell and promote their own artwork and studio space
• Be exposed to new opportunities to connect with different artists and clients
• Be promoted on their counterparts website and in promotional materials
Please take time to talk to David and Adele over the trail weekend – both will be based at Caccia Birch House.


Oils on cotton canvas and linen, mixed works on paper, charcoal and pastel drawing, stitching and embroidery on canvas

Virtual Open Studio