Keeley Eastwood + Brad Mosen



Keeley Eastwood describes herself as a Yorkshire-born / New Zealand-based emerging artist / printmaker who enjoys playing with the myriad forms of printmaking and is finding it increasingly addictive.

She has recently come to love the results that can be achieved through creating handmade ‘drypoint’ prints and then hand-colouring them using other mediums, such as coloured pencil. She has also just begun experimenting and having fun with collagraph and gel plate monoprinting techniques. Other techniques she has tried her hand at include woodcut and linocut.

Artistic inspiration for Keeley comes in many forms but, in particular, includes animal and human companions, nature, myths and more. She especially finds our native New Zealand kunekune pigs highly inspirational, both in terms of their characterful looks and their beautiful natures. As well as other subject -matters, Keeley is keen to add to her kunekune pig print range in the coming months and years and acknowledges that this could become quite an obsession for her.

Bradley Mosen returned to home to New Zealand after spending several years living and working in the UK and travelling around Europe. From an early age, following in his maternal grandfather’s footsteps, he has had a love of photography. His inspirations include nature and the natural landscape and, when he gets chance amid family- and work-life, he spends time working on capturing their beauty and essence.


Printmaking (drypoint, collagraph, monoprint, woodcut, linocut); hand-colouring; photography; drawing