Anthea Stayt



“I love the meditative solitude of working with clay, the energy of colour and the feel of a
brush in my hand”

Anthea Stayt lives in New Plymouth where she creates a distinctive range of sculptural ceramic art. Working from her home studio, Anthea uses stoneware clay to hand build asymmetric forms using the traditional coiling technique. After a high bisque firing, these pieces are decorated by brushing on layers of vibrantly coloured oil paint.

With a vision of finishing the surface of the clay sculptures in a very individual and unique way,
Anthea enrolled in an art class to learn about various mediums, tools and application methods.
Under the guidance of international artist, Vjekoslav Nemesh, she was taught his technique using oil paint. She finally had the means to develop her own signature style where her clay forms become her canvas. By layering and brushing on the paint in an abstract manner, Anthea creates an original and intriguing finish on her bold and contemporary works of art.

Anthea has participated in many solo and shared exhibitions throughout New Zealand and has
received a number of awards for her sculptures. She has been a participant in the NZ Art Show and NZ Sculpture Onshore as well as a selected finalist several times in both the Portage Ceramic Awards and the Waiclay National Ceramic Awards.

Anthea’s work is held in private collections around New Zealand as well as in Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Anthea is a member of New Plymouth Potters Inc.