Artist Run Space




Snails: Artist Run Space is an inclusive, vibrant and creative community space.

Snails houses studios for artists with various and diverse disciplines: painting, tattoo, textile, collage, writing, alchemy, music, sound and beyond.

We currently have eleven tenanted studios which are spaced throughout the building.

Snails is an original music venue, a popular ‘stop off’ for the more adventurous bands and musicians in Aotearoa. We host up to two live performances a month and occasionally have the pleasure of hosting live theatre.

Our top floor is split into gallery space, delivering a different exhibition on a monthly basis, and a performance lounge for music and live acts.

The space is adorned throughout with Snails’ own diverse collection of art we have amassed over the years (nearly a decade!) creating a unique and inspiring ambiance.


paint, textiles, film, sculpture, music