Belinda Paton




Belinda has been a full time artist since she graduated from art school in New Zealand in 1992. She has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia with many solo exhibitions and has also won many awards for her work. She now creates, runs workshops and exhibits from her beautiful property “Misty Mountain Retreat” deep in the hills in the Tararua region of NZ.

‘I have worked with many different materials in my life but I have always come back to clay as my number one. I started potting very early as my Mother was a potter so it is second nature to me and my hands just know what to do. I love the freedom of form it offers me when I spiral and twist it into whimsical enchanted creations and also the depth of detail I can achieve with it. The possibilities are endless and this I find intriguing and addictive.

I also love to work in paint because of the vibrancy and translucency of colour I can attain with this. I use many thin layers of vibrant translucent pigment to create an iridescent effect, which is why some of my canvases seem to glow with their own inner light. To add another dimension of quirkiness and style to my work I also include other mixed media components such as mirror glass, fabric, cast paper, gold and silver leaf, copper and anything else that catches my eye. I like to explore many different materials and create refreshing new techniques and ideas, then blend them together to form a diverse fusion of layers of individuality’.

I spend a lot of time out in nature especially in the bush or the mountains where I get immense joy and peace from just being and absorbing the energy. It is where I get most of my inspiration from. Nature is the true creator and the extensive spectrum of exquisite colour, texture and form, she never tires of creating, later become seeds of new work for me.

I am also inspired by the spirituality of our ancestors and other cultures, their myths, legends and symbols are all part of my work to date and continue to inspire new artworks in me. I am very connected to living in a more natural way, growing most of my own food, closer to mother earth and the cycles of nature.

“There are no rules in art, only the ones we impose upon ourselves”.


Pottery, Painting Jewellery

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