Froyle Davies




I create beautiful exclusive original paintings. Vibrant in colour, with an energy that speaks courage directly to your soul. Freedom is to know you deserve to be cherished. My mission is for you to experience the beauty and value of exclusive original art. To believe you are worth it, and to fill your home and life with paintings that tell you how valuable you are.

Finding my way home to my place of origin and understanding where I belong, has helped to heal within me a sense of rejection that I carried all my life. This revelation of identity has made me realise how important it is for you to know your true worth.

I have been painting and exhibiting for over 25 years. My paintings capture the moments and expressions that celebrate life. Mostly, I use acrylic paint and mixed media collage and my paintings range from small gift sizes pieces to large extravagant paintings on linen.

With every original piece, my intention is for you to experience the love, hope, and sense of freedom that I infuse into each exclusive painting.


I create beautiful original paintings of rich texture and dramatic colour using acrylic paint and mixed media collage.

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