Gunhild Litwin




I am an artistically promiscuous creative, but at heart, I am a fibre artist. My influences are Dadaist collage and art created by women. Lately, I started to create collages (that may or may not incorporate needlework) as well as playful found object assemblages. Old postcards, tins, books, bling, springs are the catalyst for my pieces. Not infrequently, you will find nods to Dada and pop culture turn up in my work. Sometimes, you can wear my work…

Also: I love colour, and you may have seen some of my textile work in the form of Wooly Riot yarnbombings.


Currently, found images such as postcards, vintage textiles and text snippets, book pages as well as embroidery floss feature high in my output. I use these to create altered images and/or unusual illustrations.

However, found object play an equally important part in my practice. I assemble discarded toys, old tools, building parts, springs etc into anthropomorphic creatures with a strong sci-fi bend.

Virtual Open Studio