Karen Sinclair




Self-taught artist Karen Sinclair started painting 9 years ago and works from her home studio in Feilding.

She describes her art as eclectic and takes inspiration from the scenery and colours of New Zealand. Whilst not focussing entirely on one genre of art her objective is to always arouse intense feelings of nostalgia and connect the viewer to a place or thing that is important to them. By painting an emotive piece allows her to be a part of their journey.

Karen loves exploring many styles, techniques and mediums but realism seems to be her thing. She loves to give paintings detail and dimension and endeavours to represent subject matter truthfully and honestly.

Working as a full time artist since March 2020, she has enjoyed completing many commissioned pieces for clients both here and in the UK.


For my more detailed paintings I use the grid method to ensure perspective is right but often sketch freehand for my landscapes. I use a mixture of Atelier and Liquitex acrylics and Windsor & Newton oils. My work surface is usually stretched canvas and canvas boards. I use moulding paste to add texture to my abstract art which are often produced using a palette knife only.

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