Nicola Gregory




I create because I have to… I look around and I see colour, light and shadow. I see a thrush bobbing about and suddenly I’m looking at a painting. I go to op shops and I pull things apart with my eyes and recreate them in my mind, I can’t help it. Art exposes you in every way possible. This is why I like it and equally why I don’t! This push-pull relationship has taken me through dark times and light, confrontation and avoidance, stagnation and growth and round again.

When you visit Coffee on Cambridge, the platform I have created, you will see the results of allowing focused creativity and flow. In my work on the walls, you will see stories told via a blend of paint and old re-purposed ‘things’ and you’ll see the overarching example of my philosophy that creativity creates and builds connections and promotes wellbeing for individuals and community.


Paint and Mixed Media

Virtual Open Studio