Sandra Douglas




I have been an artist since the first moment my fingers wrapped around a crayon. Art has been my ‘happy place’ ever since.
My art training consists of high school art, some short art courses while at Teacher’s College, and then a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging (majoring in Animation) at Ucol, PNth. The rest is learned through watching and talking with those better than me, and experimentation.
I love the focus and repetition involved in finely detailed graphite work and the monotone allows me to explore the power of the composition and space around the subject.
Four years ago, I took part in ‘The Sketchbook Project’ – created and curated by The Brooklyn Art Library. This project rekindled my passion for art and I became hooked on creating slightly surreal ink drawings. I love creating highly detailed images with swirling, complex lines, and find the process quite relaxing and meditative. I’ve also been developing a series of works based on my pencil drawings from last year. I photograph the work, crop it in various ways, print each image onto quality artists paper, and then embellish the works by stencilling flowers or leaves onto the background. They are finished off with hand-drawn details and gold embellishments. I am really enjoying the contrast between the coloured backgrounds and the graphite tones of the central image.


Pencil and graphite on board