Into the Mystic | Belinda Paton

A collection of works exploring the ethereal intangible energies that surround us through time and space.
“I paint my inner landscape and let my heart and my soul direct my brush. I gain my inspiration and ideas from visions and from communing with nature. The feelings, the connections and the dance of energies therein. I have discovered many wonderful secrets along the way through exploring my inner sanctum, my creative spirit and my connection to the divine.
I discovered colour early on and there was no turning back. I couldn’t help it, my mother was an art teacher. Paints, pastels, glazes, inks, and dyes, all surrounding me and enveloping me in a rich tapestry of layers of dazzling vibrancy. I adore colour! How it makes you feel, how it works so beautifully on the subtle levels of your consciousness. It heals on every level from just being…
Into the Mystic is generously supported through the Palmerston North City Council’s Creative Communities Scheme.
Into the Mystic | Belinda Paton
Square Edge Arts Centre | Main Gallery
23rd December – 31st January 2022


23rd December – 31st January 2022


Square Edge Community Arts | Main Gallery