Liminal Femininity | Jessica Philbrick

Jessica is a Manawatu-based artist working with constructs of femininity through domestic spaces. The spaces employ elements of liminality and make use of a feminine colour pallet to explore ambivalence of femininity in transitional home- environments. Many of the space are of personal significance or experience as a representation of everyday thoughts and emotions of a young woman’s sense of domestic space and relationship to home. The spaces are typically empty to allow for viewer projection of their own memories with domestic spaces.

Jessica has been working on these body of paintings since their conception in 2015, working on personal explorations and commission pieces.

Jessica graduated with Honours from the Elam School of Fine Arts in 2018 and has since been working and showing her paintings in Auckland, Berlin Germany, and Manawatu. Jessica also maintains a photography practice working with similar themes oftentimes collaborating with other female creatives.


4 August 2022 – 28 August 2022


Entry Gallery