2nd april 2024 - 29th april 2024

pop up gallery and display cabinet, SQUARE EDGE ARTS CENTRE

Association of Book Crafts NZ

Miscellany is a five-part collection of books from around Aotearoa. Two of the categories are collaborations between members of the Association of Hand Printers and the Association of Book Crafts. Bug Books 2022 and Fairy Tales 2023 gave the printers and binders free rein to interpret the themes as they wished. Miniature You Are Quoting Shakespeare books celebrate the 400th anniversary of the printing of the Bard’s First Folio and there are a few examples of the 2022 New From Old competition. Lastly, there are several entries from the inaugural John Sansom Memorial Competition.

All in all these books showcase the depth and breadth of the printing and binding crafts in Aotearoa.