Te Kore | Keli.J

Te Kore is a retrospective collection of works by Keli.J that have in essence, and in color; formed a body of work of their own.

Within the deepest pockets of darkness where no light has touched; lives the essence of creation. This is the space of ultimate potential. A deep formless mass, where the foundation of everything begins. A space we should not fear to return to, to rest, to be, to start again.

Artist statement

My creations are inspired by observing the intrinsic relationships between people, Wairua, and Te Taiao; the magic and interconnectedness of everything around us in the natural world. Through exploring ancestral wisdom in my creative process, I am learning about my own relationship with Papatuanuku and obligations of Kaitiakitanga. Through my art, my intention is to bring forth the energy I feel within these realms, to encourage and inspire people to form reciprocal, healing relationships with nature, and to be active in the nurturing and protection of the environment and of each other.



February 2 to March 1


Square Edge Community Arts | Entry Gallery