Adele Dubarry

Artists often talk about processes and by that they mean how they make what they need to make. I like to work intuitively with a very loose intention to make marks, and then see what happens. My work is influenced by the natural world and that is always in my mind I suppose when I approach a blank canvas or sheet of paper. Often things end up looking like a landscape, or a natural form. It is the feeling of the place – the wind and the rain and the sun, or the feeling of a tree trunk when you touch it that I want to try and capture.

I admire the skill of realist and representational works, but after you have admired it and said how much it looks like a photo what is there to say next? I like to have my viewers working to engage with the picture, discovering little hidden new bits each time they look at it, and telling me it looks like something that had never occurred to me when I painted it, or even simply saying they love the colour combination.



Phone: 06 241 8444

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