Cheleigh-Anne Dunkerton

31st May - 23rd june 2024

entrance gallery – SQUARE EDGE ARTS CENTRE

Cheleigh is an artist and registered arts therapist based in Palmerston north. She received a Fine Arts degree from Whanganui Ucol (2012) and a Masters of Arts in Arts Therapy (Clinical) from Whitecliffe College in Auckland (2020).

Cheleigh’s creative practice connects with story, the human experience and connection with nature. Working in various art mediums- she flows from painting, to printmaking, moulding clay, to stitching sculptures. What medium she uses depends on the concept of the work she is making and what story she wants to tell. Cheleigh has a strong belief in the healing power of expression, and the arts as a language for the unspeakable.    

The artwork in ‘a day at a time: tending to the seasons of grief’ explores the ever-shifting tides of grief and some of the things that have been a support to Cheleigh over the last couple of years as she has navigated losing many people in her world.



Instagram: @cheleigh_anne  

Fb: @artbycheleigh or @theartsnest-artstherapystudio