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The Artwonk

We are delighted to introduce The Artwonk series of podcasts, made available through the generosity of founder Neville Parker.

Hosted by Neville Parker, the Artwonk podcast is a arts marketing show for visual artists and crafts people.

In 1995 Neville left his corporate career and his part time art practice and became a full time professional artist. In the 26 years since that move Neville has made a name for himself as a pen and ink artist and sculptor. The mix of large scale steel art and illustration work is a somewhat incongruous pairing and was made possible by Neville’s decision in his first year of full time creating to open his own gallery space so he could explore his diverse interests without the issue of outside influences.

In the 26 years since then Neville has had 7 distinctly different galleries and has had the opportunity to persue and develope his passion and interest in his previous first love, Marketing. By representing over 350 artists and selling thousands of pieces of art Neville has had first hand experience in not just his creative journey but all of those he has worked with.

The Artwonk is a show addressing the creative world’s needs when it comes to market expectations and requirements. Neville guides the listener through the complex and sometimes intimidating connections of the art markets strata, presenting practical insights into the hows and whys of the art marketing world.

The Artwonk is a handbook show for artists and represents the type of help and guidance Neville himself wanted and needed as he made his way into and through his art journey.


A selection of Neville’s podcasts are below. For many others click on one of these podcasts then go to the links below.