Mon to Fri 9.30am – 3pm

Sat 9.30am – 4pm

Studio 1, Ground Floor


Olive Books is a sustainable buy & sell bookstore started by a high school student

The Thread Room


Studio 9, Ground Floor


Welcome to The Thread Room! We are Millie and Rosemary. Here at the Thread Room we offer Sewing classes for children and adults from beginners to experienced. Between us both we have a lot of experience. Millie has done the Bachelor of Fashion and started Certificate in teaching and Rosemary has done Certificate in  Pattern Drafting and Apprenticeship in Sewing. We both used to run the classes at Bernina but thought it was time to make something of our own and use our skills that we worked for, so that’s why we started the The Thread Room. We will be offering fabric and Haberdashery in the near future. If your interested in our classes please email us at thethreadroom@outlook.com or check our Facebook & Instagram under @Thethreadroom. 


Mon to Fri 10am – 2pm

Sat (felxible)

Studio 4, Ground Floor

Instagram: @temple_of_bloom_


Kia ora

I’m Jannah, an artist of multiple media’s & private chef. I was born & raised in Te Papaioea (Palmerston North). I’m proud to be apart of the arts community here.


 × I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember! For context- I studied at Awatapu College, UCOL (culinary Arts), The Learning Connexion (Diploma Honours – Art & Creativity) along with Floristry & Horticulture recently

× I’m passionate about the environment & sustainability & contributing to my local community creativity.

× My petite open studio is a place to bring together my many art forms such as: willow weavings (vessels,baskets, sculptural pieces), floral arrangements (fresh/dried/commissions), handmade cards, hand carved wooden jewelry (a collaboration with my father).

× My “Culinary × Medicine” project is a private chef initiative, where I work with what’s available (in home or in an event space). I focus on small gatherings, with local produce. I love rescued before landfill food that is often under estimated, with food sovereignty in mind.

× I have a passion for formal dining & canapé formations of edible art. Dietry requirements are a speciality of mine, with experience previously working for a wonderful high- scale production catering company in Wellington.

× I create with the seasons & aim to be in harmony with our whenua, in an honoring manner appreciating the abundance available, only harvesting what I need & giving back!



Studio 16, Rear Courtyard


Studio on the Square promotes creativity and artistic talent. Whatever your level we can help you improve your skills and ensure you enjoy the arts. While participants are encouraged to tackle challenges and learn new skills, classes and workshops are self-paced, and structured to suit each person’s progress.



Studio 108, First Floor

Our mission: promote French language and culture. The Alliance Française was founded in Paris in 1883. It is a worldwide network of non-profit, welfare, cultural and educational centres. Today, it is the largest cultural network in the world, with more than 800 centres in 136 countries on all five continents.



Studio 115, First Floor

Art of Framing is your custom framer and I specialise in helping you design your art into a beautifully framed artwork that you will enjoy for years to come.



Studio 200, Second Floor

Tall Poppies Performance Teachers is a collective of the Manawatu’s finest performing arts teachers.


Ph 0276889772

Fb Susan Aitken Intuitive Therapy

Studio 202, Second Floor

I offer Intuitive Therapy including counselling, Spiritual Messages, Healing and Self Care Tools. along with Crystal Light Therapy treatments to heal and rejuvenate body and soul.



Studio 18, Rear Courtyard

Creative Journeys is a Social Arts & Performance Hub where people with Intellectual and Physical disabilities develop and explore their creative talents



06 560 2150

Studio 19, Rear Courtyard

The Green Bike Trust has been providing sustainable transport for students and the wider community in Palmerston North since 1995. Offering short and long term bike rentals, bike sales, bike dismantling and quality used parts supplier. Reasonable repair rates utilising new or used parts.



Studio 17, Rear Courtyard

The Pottery is run by Square Edge Community Arts and provides pottery classes, experiences and membership opportunities for the Palmerston North community. Classes are listed on our workshops page: https://www.communityarts.org.nz/workshops/creative-workshops-at-square-edge/



Studio 203, Second Floor

Cheleigh-Anne Dunkerton is full of bright. It’s not just her colour palette, it’s the way her paintings make you feel. She is an artist who always has paint under her fingernails because painting and making is a daily practice. She explores lot’s of mediums too, so in her colorsplash of a studio there will be drawings, prints, illustrations, jewellery and sculptures on display too.



Studio 19a, Rear Courtyard

Ian is a performing artist, producer, designer and director of The Boom Boom Room Burlesque.



Studio 205, Level 2

Ken is an artist working in oils, pen and Ink that brings past life to the present. Some call him the “heritage artist” or an “artist of Nostalgia.” Ken’s aim is when viewing his works you become connected to past events and transported to childhood memories.



Studio 104, Level 1

Robyn Laing is a beautifully skilled painter. Her portraiture captures real character and depth and her colour knowledge has been refined after years of artistic graft. Her work is fine and articulate, her classical training at the forefront but her contemporary voice is also well spoken. 



Studio 15a, Rear Courtyard

Toi Warbrick opens the world of ngā taonga pūoro to music lovers through innovative and experimental bicultural music calling on history, imagination and emotion.



021 40 40 60

Studio 105, First Floor

Steph Milne discovered her love of singing at high school, becoming a founding member of the school’s award winning acapella group “The First Fifteen”. Going on to perform both as a soloist and backing vocalist in a variety of musical theatre shows, she has a passion for many musical genres including classical, folk and contemporary.



Studio 202a, Second Floor

Matthew Steedman is a visual artist and primarily a painter. He is currently working on a series of pixel paintings. “We live in an age of visual saturation. I really like the juxtaposition of taking a digital image, reducing it to pixels, then reproducing it in oil; a medium with a rich history”.



Studio 106, First Floor

Watch something closely and you will see it’s connectedness to other things has a depth and a delicacy so natural and precious that it is at once both profound and simple. My children taught me to look again, and now I am caught in the wonder of the natural life.  I paint with oil on linen or wood board.  I am self taught.