an indeterminate sound installation by Paul Dunham

3rd April - 30th April 2023


Paul Dunham is a sound artist based at Himatangi Beach. His recent work has seen a focus of the relationship between past and contemporary media and connecting their socio-cultural and technical conditions of existence. As media archaeology these relationships are represented and expressed through sound as recorded works, installations, or performances.


Click::RAND is an object-based sound installation that, through a media archaeological approach, connects the electro-mechanical relay as an artefact of relay-based calculating machines and publications of large random number sets as historically related media artefacts. Through the relay, Click::RAND is the sonic articulation of The RAND Corporation’s book, A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal DeviatesRe-presenting the book’s decimal characters as their binary equivalent is a way of allowing the relay to ‘speak’ with its own voice and for the work to explore the different rhythmic patterns inherent in the data set.

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