WAI – the Women’s Art Initiative are artists, activists, and advocates for change. 

3rd november - 30th november 2023


WAI-Celium explores the often invisible connections and social networks that run between us, supporting us and upholding us as we journey through experiences of violence and beyond.

This year’s exhibition is inspired by Mycelium – a network of fungal threads that can allow a fungus to occupy an enormously large area. Mycelia often grow underground but can also thrive in other places such as rotting tree trunks. A single spore can develop into a mycelium. The fruiting bodies of fungi, such as mushrooms, can sprout from a mycelium. Mycelia are of vital importance to the soil. They break down organic material, making its raw materials available again for use in the ecosystem.    

This years WAI exhibition also proudly presents Through our Lens the photo journal of WAI-Z, our new rangatahi roopu.