Beth McGill





My painted feathers capture the detail and personality of common and endangered, birds, plants, landscapes and trees in New Zealand. A sketch pad was always within my reach as a child. I love detail and more often than not didn’t finish anything l started as l got lost in it, and the perfection of my chosen object. There are many sketches from a much younger me showing this.

My feather art has taught me to be more flexible in my approach to form and flow and that imperfection is normal and beautiful in nature. My feather paintings eventuated when a friend said to me, “you love birds, you love feathers, why don’t you paint on feathers?”. The rest is history!!! I have been painting on them for over ten years.

I have been part of the N.Z Artshow down in Wellington from 2013 until this year 2022, as well as other art shows in Christchurch, Nelson. I’ve been part of numerous exhibitions around N.Z, and have my feathers for sale at different galleries around N.Z.


Acrylic on Feathers

Virtual Open Studio