Jill Walcroft




As an artist, my practice has become quite eclectic, a bit like my gardening style, and I am open to exploring a wide range of media when they suite my need or circumstance to produce paintings, hall hangings and handheld objects. However, what remains constant is my attraction to the patterns or structures of the natural world, whether it’s at the landscape scale or the inside of a broken shell. Exploring these elements of what I see and feel helps bring meaning to my life and my aim is for people, including me, to experience connection and joy of nature through my art.


Over the years I’ve explored my favourite subjects and themes with various media, ranging from acrylic paint on canvas, gouache and ink on paper, photography, crochet, tapestry, raranga with harakeke and paper. When time is tight, I go to gouache and ink on paper, crochet and photography.

Virtual Open Studio