Albert McCarthy – A pioneer in the Maori Contemporary Art movement. Born in Taumaranui, he has exhibited extensively both nationally and overseas. His work is in public collections in Australia, the USA & Europe. He is an artist who works in a multi- disciplinary fashion including painting , drawing,sculpture and installations.


Sherilyn Bury Vilela – Sherilyn lives, works and plays in Foxton Beach. Inspired by the environment and global politics she is currently working with pastels and collage portraits of driftwood characters that were formed from beach debris during past storms. It is her way of reiterating that the refugee crisis is an ongoing issue and people can’t be forgotten. Sherilyn is also working with ink and oils to create boards of calm and reflection within the colour realm.


John A Bradley – John has many strings to his bow and has worked extensively over the years for well known NZ institutions in various roles. His love of photography using old school cameras and techniques involve images captured from natural beauty spots to the urban nightlights.

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