Brenda Banks






2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Quay School of Arts, Wanganui, majoring in Glass. My second major was painting. To extend my knowledge in different skills in glass that would allow me to further explore blown forms, texture, pattern and colour, I continued my studies in Glass Design and Production at the Wanganui Glass School until 2012.

The conceptual framework for my glass and paintings are based on Personal Journeys; The Surrounding Landscape and Landforms; The Destruction and Environmental Changes to the Land caused by Man and the Earths Textual Layers caused by Seismic and Volcanic Activity.

My current work is a series of paintings Landforms of New Zealand and Abstract Expressionism. My work has been represented at Kura Gallery, Wellington and Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Wellington. At present I am studying the concept of Flax Weaving.


Glass Painting and Flax Weaving

Virtual Open Studio