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Groovylicious costumes have hosted many artists for the Art Trail through out their 4 years in operation. It’s Palmerston Norths biggest costume selection! Costumes to hire, for private parties as well as theater productions. Examples of costumes: Medieval, 60’s, Hippie, 80’s, Superheroes, etc. Group discounts can be arranged! Please contact us if you are hosting a party.

There is a lot happening at 93 Taonui Street, Groovylicious Costumes. Art Trail Hub.

1 Herbs Record store

2 93a Taonui Street, Aries Sun exhibit, Deano Shirriffs 

3 Groovylicious Costumes Lobby, Fresh Press Nz street art merchandise 

4 Groovylicious Lounge, take a rest sit down relax.

5 Groovylicious Costumes, Meet Emma and take in the vast costume collections.

6 Orange Studio, Home to local artist Deano Shirriffs

7 Avocado Concave, two local artist Serena Dean – Shit im an artist/ and Jacob Wilson/Cat scabs will be implementing a mural on the walls of Avocado Concave during the weekend of the art trail.


Deano Shirriffs is a psychedelic abstract landscape painter who finds his form and inspiration from total immersion in the environment and space he occupies. His latest exhibition, Aries Sun, showing throughout Open Studios, is a series of work created during Shirriffs 40th sun cycle on this earth this time around, and reflects what it means to be both an Aries sun, and an Aries son. Consciously exploring the patterning of the aries star constellation, this work is grasping the intangible energies of the skies, and placing these onto the canvas in a landscape accessible on this side of the veil. A fiery, explosive, energy exchange between the marco and microscopic experience of 40 suns. Aries Sun opening 5.30pm Friday 14th October @ 93 Taonui street with performances by URN – KEENAN – MadDJ Exhibition is open 10am – 4pm Saturday 15th till Sunday 23rd October. For information updates follow ‘deanoshirriffs’ on instagram or facebook.

Cat Scabs is an experimental, multi-media project – creating order through chaos, trying to reach the depths of the human psyche through experience and raw expression.

Serena, better known as Shit-Imma-Artist is a young artist slowly growing her audience and name as she works to create dope street wear, upcycled items, and just all-around art. Serena enjoys surrealism and overall trippy vibes and bases a lot of her work around things she likes.


Herb’s Mobile Records celebrates its first birthday and will be rolling up outside Groovylicious costumes with his usual selection of weirdo wonderful and obscure records all inside the hallowed walls of the haunted truck.
In toe will be DJ Eclectica spinning tunes all day off dripping oil wax plates along with live music from thee one thee only howling Lone Ranger?? Boss Christ? Who knows…..

Groovylicious will be host to street mural artist Rael Smith aka Fresh_press_nz with his street wear merchandise, We may be lucky enough to gain a wall in Snails Lane for him to do a mural during the Art Trail. Visit him on to view his works.


Mixed Media