Tom Turner




I was born in Wellington, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from The Quay School of The Arts, Whanganui, in 2009 before gaining a Masters of Art and Design in 2013 and a Post-graduate Diploma in Arts Therapy in 2017.

For me, art and fullness of life have a close relationship. Joseph Beuys’ theory of Social Sculpture resonates through my work and, whilst employing a diverse range of media, Beuys’ notion that every person can sculpt their own thoughts, speech and will, to turn their lifework into an artwork remains a cornerstone of my praxis.

My art seeks to be inclusive, not exclusive, inviting viewers to explore multiple layers of meaning which can be engaged with intellectually and experientially. I consider the human response to artworks to be an essential component of art-making, and encourage each viewer to make her or his own meaning of what they see and experience. It is through this participatory action that art gains depth of meaning and influence.



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