NAMU Jade Ackerman & Sue Pegrume

6th may - 28th may 2023


Sue Pegrume (BFA)
These large oil pastel and ink drawings represent leaving behind 40 years as an educator and a return to my primary passion, being an artist. The work reflects the duality of physical observations within the confines of my garden whilst looking beyond the fence. It is also a mother and son on a creative journey to heal. Jade and I spent many hours in the confines of our family property creating together, and reconnecting. We are both continually on the journey of “Who am I?”

NAMU Jade Ackerman

I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and these works in multiple mediums are the silver lining to the struggles I have had with manic episodes over the past few years. I painted portraits of people whose support and company I was grateful for. I was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s bold use of colour and quick application, as well as Mondrian’s sharp lines and compartments of colour. This has resulted in a pop art style focused on contrast, duality, light and dark. I am moving forward in my journey of “Who am I?”