Everyday Magic | Sandra Douglas

I’ve been fascinated by art since the first time my fingers curled around a crayon and I discovered that I could create my own world with it. Art has been my ‘happy place’ ever since.

Over the years I have played with most media and have explored a wide variety of techniques and styles. However, I keep going back to my first love – pencil drawing. I enjoy the focus and repetition involved in finely detailed pencil work and I am fascinated by the subtleties and power of the greys and blacks. I also like to explore the power of the composition and space around the subject, and love challenging myself to create more and more realistic images.

This series of work is about trying to capture those moments of everyday magic that young children experience – magic that we, as adults, would love to be able to experience again. The intensity of a young child’s emotions speaks to an ability to ‘feel fully’ and to live within the moment – something that many adults strive to achieve nowadays in their chaotic lives. And we have all experienced those ageless gazes of very young children that make us feel as if they know far more than we ever will.

This exhibition celebrates those fleeting moments of the true magic in this world – our children.

For enquiries or to purchase a piece please contact Sandra via email.

Sandra Douglas

Email: thedougys@xtra.co.nz

Instagram: @sandradougy

Facebook: Sandra Douglas Artist

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April 3rd – May 4th 2020


Square Edge Community Arts | Main Gallery