Your Voice, Your Choice

1st September - 23rd september 2023


Minimising our use of plastics is one of the hardest problems that we face. Plastic Pollution is invading our planet and Palmerston North is no exception, with plastic in our river and streams journeying out to the ocean.

Despite challenges there has been positive locally based action; Environment Network Manawatū’s (ENM) Plastic Pollution Challenge has been on a five-year mission to clean up local streams, raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution and change public perceptions.

1200 plus volunteers have salvaged more than 2000 rubbish bags of litter plus hundreds of large items from more than 250km of urban waterways – but it is not enough, and the question is, what next?

Answers to this though provoking question will be sought through an exhibition titled ‘Plastic Pollution Solutions: Your Choice, Your Voice’.   As well as showing the extent of the work of the Plastic Pollution Challenge the exhibition aims to prompt all of us to think about our daily choices and consider the downstream consequences of our actions. It simultaneously will look to empower people to use their voice as an instrument for collective action by adding their comments to the interactive artwork, ‘Your Voice’.  

There will also be thought provoking exhibition pieces from artists Jacob Gay and Sarah Bingle.

Throughout the exhibition there will also be pop-in workshops on Saturdays from 10am – 2 pm. This will give visitors the opportunity to say what they want heard as part of a collective action movement.    

To find out more email, call 06 355 0126, follow us on Facebook @palmyplasticchallenge or check out the website:

Plastic Pollution Solutions: Your Choice, Your Voice. An Art Exhibition. :: Environment Network Manawatū (