#theisolationproject | womens art initative

Covid 19 made us all think about isolation.
For those who experience violence and abuse, the removal of social support systems is a common tactic used. This forms part of a wider pattern of controlling and manipulative behaviours that give the perpetrator power over their partner. “Victims’ can often be isolated by these behaviours for years, while surrounded by people who don’t ‘see’ what is happening. Violence closes down our connections, limits our potential, injures our identity and dignity, and removes opportunities for support. It shames us, blames us, and excuses those who exercise power and control over us. The most insidious and dangerous forms of violence are invisible. They are emotional, psychological, cultural, sexual, spiritual, and financial. The consequences of these forms of violence are long-reaching, and continue even after we leave. Those experiencing these forms of violence often wish for physical violence – for some exterior sign of their interior pain, and the help that this could bring.
To survive these dark spaces we dig deep within ourselves. We hold onto our light – no matter how tenuous it may be. Our resistance to violence may be invisible to those outside this space, but it offers us dignity. #theisolationproject is an exhibition that honours the nurturing, creativity, and courage that those experiencing violence consistently demonstrate in the face of dehumanising, damaging, isolating, and disrespectful behaviour.   Placing this kind of work – vulnerable, raw, honest art, into public spheres ensures that those who are most marginalised have a voice, that their authentic stories are heard and the wisdom they have is honoured.
WAI – the Women’s Art Initiative are activists, advocates, and artists who use their creativity to challenge the many dangerous negative stereotypes and myths that further oppress and marginalise those who have experienced violence. The collective have been running since 2013.


June 2nd – July 2nd 


Square Edge Community Arts | Main Gallery