Gunhild Litwin

I come from a creative family of knitters, carvers, type setters, sketchers, tinkers, doers. I trained as an Art and Craft teacher in Norther Germany, only to sidestep into language teaching when I moved continents a couple of times. But I never really stopped creating things and I have a deep love for things handmade, original and colourful.

I am a fibre and found material artist. My influences are Dadaist collage and art by women. Lately, I started to create collages (that may or may not incorporate needlework) as well as playful found object assemblages. Old postcards, tins, locks, books, bling, springs could be catalysts for my pieces. Sometimes, you can wear my work, most times, it should make you smile.

Also: I love colour, and you may have seen some of my textile work as part of the Wooly Riot collective yarnbombings around Palmerston North.



Phone: 06 241 8444

Note: Only selection of each artists works may be displayed online, to view more please get in touch or visit us in store.