Maggie Duff

Originally from the UK, I am a photographer and self-taught artist and I began my journey with fibre when a friend gifted me a Gotland Ewe called Elsie with her twin lambs.

Taking nature as inspiration and wool as my paint, I combine my passion and need for creative expression with my interests in permaculture and sustainable, organic living.

My images ‘of the land, from the land’ explore the New Zealand landscape and rural life.

I enjoy the challenge of using my hand washed and carded sheep’s wool, combined with silk, coloured wool and yarn to create something of beauty, from what would otherwise be a waste product. I feel the combination gives my creations an honest, organic feel that fits with my philosophies, and forms the foundation of my ‘paddock to picture’ collection of artwork.

My creative journey is now taking me full circle to return to my photographic roots and expanding upon my ‘paddock to picture’ philosophy.



Phone: 06 241 8444

Note: Only selection of each artists works may be displayed online, to view more please get in touch or visit us in store.